Graham’s Kitchen Amsterdam

woensdag 28 februari 2018

De Pijp's best-kep secret restaurant. We give our dishes a slight British touch a sort of Britain meets Holland.
Photography: Craig Lovelidge

Wat is het leukste dat je gedaan hebt afgelopen week? (prive of zakelijk)

Lunch with family on day off at our favourite Sunday hangout “tanuki” in Amstelveen for the best tamakis and fresh sushis, decorating the restaurant with hearts, balloons and turning the restaurant into a red, romantic wonderland and welcoming everyone on valentine’s day.

Hoe is de naam “Graham’s Kitchen” ontstaan?

To keep it simple I wanted to have a clear vision. The emphasis is on the kitchen and putting my name on the window means I am the chef, I am always there and customers should get that I am English.

Waarom ben je ondernemer geworden?

To do my own thing. After working in some great Michelin starred kitchens which means I love quality ingredients and great dishes, but hated the stuffiness of most of them. I thought it was time to do my own thing. I felt the time was right that I have a good balance of experience and energy and wanted to create a relaxed casual atmosphere with great food, wines and service and create a nice work environment for my staff.

Wat maakt jouw onderneming uniek?

We try to give a great warm welcome and personal touch. Our customers feel welcomed and at ease as soon as they enter our restaurant. We give our dishes a slight British touch a sort of Britain meets Holland. We do lots of research into our wines and wine/food combinations. We make exciting, interesting combinations and give great value for money. In a super relaxed, at home feeling.

Waarom komen gasten naar jouw zaak?

For great flavours and interesting combinations, for the personal touch and warmth of my staff and good value for money.

Wat zie je als grootste uitdaging?

To fill the restaurant on a week day. Competition is fierce and the weekend market in Amsterdam is big and so ensures almost every weekend is full. There are less people going out for dinner on week days and there is more choice than ever. Another big challenge is to our name and branding out there. So many people haven’t heard of us.

Welke leveranciers hebben jullie?

Hesseling, Nice to Meat, Lindenhoff, Word Vis, DCFL, Anfors, Karakter en Turkenburg

Waarom werken jullie juist met deze leveranciers?

Understand me and my vision, continuity and quality.

Heb je nog een goede tip voor collega ondernemers?

Always do your best. The customer is not stupid. They feel when you do your best for them and give them a good night out.

Wat zijn jouw inspiratiebronnen?

I am inspired by everything. From a walk throught the market to watching tv. From internet to eating out.

Photography: Craig Lovelidge

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